Rule No. Library Rule
1 Every student is required to bring his / her ID card to the library and show it when required.
2 Students of +1, +2 & graduation classes can issue two books and students of post graduation classes can issue three books for 15 days.
3 Once issued book cannot be reissued immediately.
4 On every book returned late from the due date (up to one month late). Delay fee of Rs. 5 per day will be charged. After that special penalty will be charged.
5 Students who have not returned the book on the due date will not be issued another book.
6 Reference books, syllabuses etc. cannot be issued. Such books can be read in the library.
7 Before issuing the books, every student should check the book and report any defect immediately. In any case, the student will be responsible for the defective book when returning the book.
8 Report the loss of the library card to the library Teacher. A second card can be obtained by depositing a fee of Rs.100.
9 The book issued to any student can be demanded before the due date if required.
10 The library book is property of the college. Therefore, it should not be marked in any way. In that case the student will have to pay fixed penalty.
Rule No. Rule About Disipline
1 Students should help the college administrators to create a conducive learning environment by staying disciplined during their presence at the college.
2 In their free time, students should make good use of their time by visiting the library.
3 No student will be allowed to sit in any class other than his / her own class or subject.
4 No society can be formed in the college without the approval of the principal and no person can be invited to give lectures etc.
5 The student's behavior should be respectful for others. Bad words should be avoided.
6 Disciplinary action will be taken against students who break the college building, furniture and other property.