Library Rules

Rule #1

Every student is required to bring his / her ID card to the library and show it when required.

Rule #2

Students of +1, +2 & graduation classes can issue two books and students of post graduation classes can issue three books for 15 days.

Rule #3

Once issued book cannot be reissued immediately.

Rule #4

On every book returned late from the due date (up to one month late). Delay fee of Rs.5 per day will be charged. After that special penalty will be charged.

Rule #5

Students who have not returned the book on the due date will not be issued another book.

Rule #6

Report the loss of the library card to the library Teacher.    A second card can be obtained by depositing a fee of Rs.100

Rule #7

The book issued to any student can be demanded before the due date if required.

Rule #8

The library book is property of the college. Therefore, it should not be marked in any way. In that case the student will have to pay fixed penalty.